Long-Term Care

Medicare only covers 20 days at a 100% at skilled nursing level. Skilled nursing care and rehabilitation services are provided on a continuous, daily basis, in a skilled nursing facility. Skilled Nursing includes a semi-private room, meals, skilled nursing and rehabilitative services, and other services and supplies (only after a 3-day minimum impatient hospital stay for a related illness or injury not including the day of discharge) for up to 100 day in a benefit period. To get care in a skilled nursing facility, your doctor must certify that you need daily care like intravenous injections or physical therapy. Medicare doesn’t cover long term care, intermediate or custodial care in this setting.

Benefits for Clients

– Affordable premiums
– Policy is guaranteed renewable
– Covers all three levels of care (Skilled Nursing Care, Intermittent and Custodial Care)
– Separate coverage, do not need to rely on qualifying for Medicare to pay
– Competitive rates
– 30-Day Free Look period
– Immediate Coverage
– Home Healthcare Rider

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