Burial / Final Expense

Too often, families make hasty, ill-informed, needlessly expensive decisions in arranging last rites for their loves ones. Within the next 24 hours, death will come to nearly 5000 Americans. The family of each, though benumbed by grief, will face the necessity of arranging the complex details of a funeral, committing themselves to an expenditure larger than almost any other they will ever be called up to make at one time.

A few of these families, who have discussed in advance what to do or have even make detailed pre-arrangements, will obtain exactly the sort of service they desire, at a cost the can afford. But many people will have neither forethought nor experience to guide them.

A final expense or burial expense insurance plans are designed to cover the costs associated with end-of-life expenses including funeral expenses, medical bills or other obligations that may occur.

Some of the costs involved with funeral planning, which many people overlook, include:

– Viewing or wake
– Formal service in a funeral home or church
– Use of a hearse to transfer the body
– Purchase of a casket
– Purchase of a vault
– Cemetery plot
– Headstone
– Flowers
– Burial or cremation expenses
– Embalming and cosmetics

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