Top-rated companies providing stable financial growth to meet the individual’s retirement needs, and to protect the family’s estate and assets.  Annuities can be designed to protect against “Medical spend-down”, provide Long-Term care, and avoid unnecessary probate.

Fixed annuities are a useful financial vehicle that provides a steady stream of safe, guaranteed income source for the duration of the payout period.  This type of investment is appealing; for example, an equity-indexed annuity, pays a guaranteed minimum interest rate during down-markets, and then provides a bonus in up-market years.  When the market is stable, it pays a consistent amount for the life of the contract.

Although there are many different Fixed Income annuities, there are only two categories of Fixed annuities: deferred or immediate.  An immediate annuity provides a payout shortly after the date of purchase (whether its monthly, quarterly, or annually). A Deferred annuity allows the payout to be paid over time, starting sometime in the future after purchase.

Companies Offered:

Mutual of Omaha

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