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February 2011

Medicare Part B Outpatient Therapy –Know Your Limits


Many of our clients receive outpatient therapy; perhaps for a hip replacement, stroke, or some other treatment. While Medicare does offer coverage for this kind of treatment, there are limitations that you need to be aware of.

Medicare places caps on these services when you receive them from outpatient providers. Remember, Medicare also requires these treatments to be medically necessary. Copayment and payments made to providers can be applied toward the cap. Here are the caps:

  • Physical Therapy and Speech Therapy-
  • Occupational Therapy –

Medicare allows providers to receive payments above the cap amount as long as the provider documents the need for the medical necessary services and it also must be noted on the billing statement. Effective October 1, 2012 all therapy claims, both above and below the cap, must include the national provider identifier (NPI) of the physician responsible. Therapy costs exceeding $3,700 are subject to a manual medical review. The caps may change for 2013.

Medicare Advantage may plan to apply a $1,880 therapy cap with an exceptions process if it chooses to do so. However, many Medicare Advantage plans have chosen not to apply a therapy cap in the past. You should check with your Medicare Advantage plan regarding its payment policies.


February 2011

Retirement Planning

People of all ages need to be planning and funding retirement. We can’t rely on Social Security to provide 100% of our retirement income. Here are a few tips to help you as you and your family plan out your retirement.

People Are Living Longer

The need to plan for the possibility you may live longer in retirement than you ever imagined. This may require adjustments in spending and life style.


Even at a 2% inflation rate, $50,000 of income today would only be worth $30,477 in 25 years.

Health Care Costs

Health care cost are going up, plan for 5% to 15% increases over time. Also, people will utilize health services more in the last five years of life.

Your health should be considered your most vital investment. After all, it is hard to live a rich and fulfilling life while struggling with serious medical conditions. Having health insurance could help ensure you have the means of receiving the medical care necessary to preventing various illnesses that could negatively affect your quality of life.

Lose Weight – Eat Healthy

The Oregon Department of Public Health reports that 30 percent of the population was obese in 2011. Regular exercise and a balanced diet may be just the ticket for you to reach a healthier weight.

Stop Smoking

If you stopped smoking today, you would see the first health benefits in 60 days. Insurance is less expensive for nonsmokers.

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